Our Story

LizzB London is a British company, owned and run by sisters Nada and Suzie who design their own range of unique espadrilles.

Born out of a desire to create beautiful accessories for their own use; after repeated requests for commissions it grew into a compelling passion that culminated in their decision to start LizzB London and they launched their first range of espadrilles in 2018.

Determined to stay true to the authentic espadrille and support artisanal skills, the bespoke designs are created in London and handcrafted in Spain incorporating traditional methods of production using natural jute and hand sewn construction.

Taking inspiration from their surroundings; art, textures, travel, people and their cultural background, the designers translate their creative passions into stylish and effortlessly wearable designs.

The brand logo pays homage to the designer’s English mother, a glamorous 60’s fashion model, their Lebanese father, a Manchester based textile merchant and the Manchester worker bee, representative of the workers in the Manchester textile mills and the symbol of their birth city.

Because LizzB London creates the designs for their own products they are open to the possibility of collaboration with a retailer to create a LizzB London design exclusive.

‘Sophisticated, effortless style, authenticity and playful design that is uniquely LizzB London’