S.O.S Bees

Posted on March 26 2019

S.O.S Bees


Bees play an important role here at the LizzB headquarters not just because a bee is featured in our logo but also because of the impact this busy precious insect has on our planet.

Did you know that about 30% of everything we eat requires insect pollination, and the vast majority of that is done by honey bees.

Bees are crucial to our ecosystem but the number has declined rapidly and several species are now extinct! Without our pollinators that 30% of food would disappear from our table. It has been said that if we lost the European honey bee mankind couldn’t survive more than a few years! Now that’s frightening stuff don’t you think?

The cause of the decline are several but the mainly it’s down to the toxic cocktail of pesticides used on crops that the bees pollinate and the loss of their natural habitat. Wildflower meadows are being swallowed up by the extensive planting of crops and urban sprawl.

Luckily beekeeping is becoming more and more popular both in rural areas and in cities and this is helping to grow the population of honeybees, but with the population increasing the spaces available for them to forage is limited. But there is a solution and that’s to encourage everyone to plant as many native nectar and pollen producing wildflowers and trees as possible. Even if you don’t have a garden there are so many flowers and herbs that will grow and flourish on balconies whether you live in rural or urban areas.

Here’s just a few flowers that are bee friendly: Bluebells, heather, sunflowers, crocus, hyacinths, wild lilac, hollyhocks,foxgloves, lavender, snapdragons, hostas and honeysuckle.....and the list goes on.

Hollyhocks   Bluebells   

So now its spring and that means getting your green fingers out think about the honey bee and plant a part of your garden or balcony for them. You’ll not only be adding something of beauty you’ll be doing a favor to mankind 😉🌻🐝.


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