"Jambo". Zanzibar Paradiso

Posted on March 26 2019

"Jambo". Zanzibar Paradiso


I’m sat here looking at the grey sky and watching the rain drip down my window as I write this piece for the journal, making me even more nostalgic for my winter sun getaway to the heat, sunshine and colours if Zanzibar!

l first visited this beautiful African island 3 years ago and loved  it so much I went back with my husband for a week in February. It’s the perfect destination that’s not too far to get to and doesn’t have a huge time difference, so if like me you only manage to get away for week then it’s do-able.

If you’re looking for quiet white sand beaches with crystal blue sea and a laid back vibe then Zanzibar is the perfect place to holiday.


The local Zanzibaris are friendly and eager to please but they’re certainly in no rush, their favorite saying is "hakuna matata" which basically means no worries or there are no problems here! And after a couple of days it’s all too easy to just fall into that 'hakuna matata' way of life, even the cows that lie in the shade on the beaches are so laid back!

The sea here is like a bath and the difference in the colours of blues and greens is incredible and constantly changing and the crazy tidal system tends to make colours even more vivid. However when the tide is out you can walk for miles finding ruby red starfish and sea urchins and amazing shells that as tempting as it is to gather them up and bring them back home to fill my bathroom they need to stay where they are. 


The days on Zanzibar are spent walking up the beaches while the tides are out and once the sea has crept back in then it’s sun lounger or hammock, a good book and a pina colada or two or three, they’re so good it’s so difficult to stop at one. Made with fresh mango, pineapple and coconut and a very generous amount of rum takes de stress juices to another level!

Evenings can be a bit livelier. We would head into Nungwi, the small fishing village near our hotel where there were plenty of bars and restaurants serving up fresh seafood and 'Serengeti' beer to pass away the evenings.


I would certainly go back again and would recommend this stunning friendly island to everyone! But in the meantime I can but reminisce and hope summer is a decent one again this year in London.

Hakuna Matata x

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